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We have designed a system to provide experts with an efficient and flexible data science platform. It increases your efficiency and magnifies your expertise.
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A platform for scientists

What makes esDynamic unique, it combines all these quality in one single platform:

  • Provide data science computing means to your analyses
  • Integrate your whole experimental flow into one single environment
  • Collaborate by sharing the same development environment

A platform boosted by data science

This is no longer a good PC running native C code … Efficient computing requires a proper architecture to make it right. This is exactly the purpose of esDynamic.

At the heart of esDynamic: a computing center tailored to your needs and accessible via Python APIs

  • Compatible with on-prem infrastructures and cloud computing
  • Integrate machine learning frameworks
  • Leverage GPU acceleration and distributed computing resources

A platform that integrates experimental flows

Instrumentation is always a source of complexity and is hard to maintain. With esDynamic, all these problems are behind you. You can now increase your efficiency and make sure your experts focus on their expertise

  • One environment for the whole experimental flow: from data acquisition to data processing
  • One environment for all your experimental setups
  • Access to the experimental setup remotely
  • Simplify the addition of new devices

Gathering experts from different fields around the same development environment

When experts from different fields have to collaborate together,his is more than sharing data and knowledge. This is about sharing a working environment.

  • Collaborate remotely
  • Reproduce smoothly experimental analyses from other colleagues, teams, labs or companies or even from yourselves after time passed
  • Share know-how across different expertise fields

Increase your efficiency

esDynamic scientific platform has been designed to increase scientist’s efficiency

Effective collaboration

One unique platform for all experts

A scalable platform

Leveraging computing means from a simple computer to a complex data centre

Grow your expertise

Offload the maintenance burden

Gathering all your experimental and processing flow on one single environment

One technology for the whole flow

Better managing and extend your knowledge

Staff may move, your knowledge remains

Making sure your experimental data are managed safely

Data are valuable, you can manage them

Fields of application

Side channel analysis

Perform all the steps of a side channel attack from the acquisition to the key recovery.

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Fault injection

Implement and exploit physical fault injection on integrated circuits with laser or electromagnetic stations.

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