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Mobile App Security by design

EsChecker provides a comprehensive mobile application security solution through its hybrid approach combining Mobile Application Secure Testing (MAST), Pentest as a Service, and expert services. We provide regulated companies with mobile app security by design, ensuring fundamental threat protection, swift issue resolution, and constant compliance, thereby reducing overall costs.
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Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Security is another critical — yet often overlooked — aspect of protecting your business and clients' privacy. With the increasing reliance on mobile applications, it is essential to ensure they are resistant to attacks. Our Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) esChecker is a SaaS solution for validating Android or iOS binaries before going to production.

Through our unique record and replay feature, Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) effectively scans the security protections and verifies their effectiveness. It automates the execution of Android or iOS mobile applications in malicious scenarios. This MAST tool seamlessly integrates into your CI/CD pipelines for DevSecOps, ensuring a secure development process and compliance with OWASP MASVS requirements.

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EsChecker combines automated and manual testing to deliver a comprehensive Pentest-as-a-Service. Our hybrid approach integrates a leading mobile application security testing (MAST) platform for automated baseline testing with manual expert penetration tests for in-depth analysis.

Your benefits include cost savings, ensured ongoing compliance for mobile app peace of mind, enhanced testing frequency and coverage, and early detection with prompt issue resolution.

Leverage EsChecker's Pentest-as-a-Service to elevate your app security efficiently and effectively.

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Professional Services & Expertise

As your trusted partner in comprehensive security solutions, eShard offers a range of professional services to meet your needs. With our state-of-the-art Hardware Evaluation Lab, we provide expert evaluations to enhance product security, prepare for certifications, and validate third-party security claims.

Our Mobile App Penetration Testing ensures the resilience of your mobile applications against known attacks. For a deep-dive into improving your mobile app’s security posture, we devised a Mobile App Sec Onboarding, a comprehensive offer divided into 3 phases and designed to give mobile engineering teams all the necessary tools and knowledge to instil mobile application security at the heart of their development cycles.

To foster continuous learning and growth, we offer hands-on Cybersecurity Training to empower security experts to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

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Telecommunication Industry
CISO | esChecker
esChecker's Expert services have been instrumental in elevating our DevSecOps team's capabilities. The hands-on approach with practical use cases allowed us to dive deep into the intricacies of mobile security. What really stood out was the 'Crack Me' challenge - it was not only engaging but also a solid test of our applied skills in static and dynamic analysis. The flexibility of the training program was a perfect fit for our busy schedules.
Cyberdefense Industry
Confidential | esChecker
As the Cyberdefense Manager, I've seen plenty of pentesting teams, but the elite team at esChecker stands out. Their expertise in penetrating RASP and other mobile app protections is exceptional. They've provided us with actionable insights and clear paths to bolster our defenses. I can confidently say that esChecker's team is genuinely proficient in the art of penetration testing and has been crucial in strengthening our cybersecurity posture.
Banking Industry
Mobile App Security | esChecker
I have been really impressed with esChecker. It is simple to use but the technology behind the scene is brillant and efficient. Moreover, since the beginning of our conversation, the solution has evolved quickly and I'm sure they will be able to help more companies to evaluate their app against the different issue a mobile app can face.
Services Industry
Mobile App Security | esChecker
eShard MAST turned out to be a nice complement to our mobile offering. Our customers were enthusiastic about the technology and how much they learnt about mobile app security by using eShard's tool. The DAST is particularly above any other solution, as far as we know.
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